The Maritime Inspection Report

The marine survey report contains many pages. The recommendations, illustrated by photographs, are divided into three categories: A – Safety recommendations to correct before the launch. B – Recommendations to correct in the year following the report. C- Recommendations or notes cosmetic in nature.

A copy of the report in PDF format is sent to the client via the Internet as soon as the report is completed, between two to seven days after the inspection. A printed copy is available if the customer requires. This type of appraisal report complies with the AIMAQ and the SAMS, and recommended by the Chapman School of Seamanship.

Finally, the report includes a section devoted to the evaluation of the vessel under its current market value. This assessment is based on the tables of BUC, NADA, Canadian Boat Value Book, and also on many recognized brokerage sites. These values vary depending on the currency exchange rate Canada-USA.