The mission of the AIMAQ

For reasons of to insure against risks of personal contamination and not to expose our client to the Covid-19 virus, the inspectors of AIMAQ have temporarily modified their ethics code.

The obligation of the owner (or his representative ) be present during the survey has been temporarily lifted.

The owner (or his representative) can be present at the survey, but not on board the vessel at the same time as the surveyor .

In order to minimize the risks two other precautions may be demanded.
The surveyor may ask you not to circulate around or in the vessel 24 hours prior to the survey. All exchange of documents and payments should be taken care of electronically.

AIMAQ has the health of our pleasure craft operators at heart and would like to apologise for the inconvenience it may cause. We thank you for your comprehension

Association of Chartered marine surveyors from Quebec) is to identify,certify and consolidate marine surveyors and competent professionals tobetter meet the needs of boat owners and insurers.

The profession of marinesurveyor being not legislated as can other professions and trades, a personmay carry the title of marine surveyor without having the necessary skills.

AIMAQ, Association of Chartered marine surveyors from Quebec, wasfounded in 2010 to remedy this weakness inherent source of conflictand ambiguity.

In addition to admission standards among the highest in Canada,AIMAQ members are subject to a demanding code of ethics andrules of practice to provide and maintain the highest levels ofprofessionalism