For Insurers

The AIMAQ, the Association of Chartered marine surveyors in Quebec, founded in December 2010 now allows insurance companies to deal with marine surveyors who have the qualifications, competence and professionalism that are valued and recognized.
Thus grouped within the same organization whose membership standards are among the highest in Canada, AIMAQ aims to establish the qualifications of any candidate on the requirements found in the various associations of the same kind worldwide.

In Canada and the United States, the profession of marine surveyor does not have a legal framework like many other professions. This particular situation makes sure that the vast majority of marine surveyors from Quebec are subject to no standards, no rules, no code of ethics. As a result, boat owners, insurers and insurance brokers wanting a marine inspection, are faced with a broad spectrum of skills, ranging from the most qualified professional marine surveyor to skills sometimes questionable and subject to a conflict of interest in professional matters.

To remedy this weakness all too common, many professional associations have emerged, including SAMS, NAMS and the recently AIMAQ.
The AIMAQ has therefore adopted a code of ethics, rules and practices to meet international requirements. Mandatory continuing education also allows members to stay on the cutting edge of new safety standards of ABYC and Transport Canada. With this self-discipline inherent in the mission AIMAQ, insurers now find great benefit in dealing with marine surveyors members of AIMAQ since they, by their membership, demonstrate competence and professionalism. This impact could significantly reduce the rate of incidents and accidents among boat owners and reduce claims from insurers that benefit and risk better.